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Waterford City and County


Waterford City is the capital of the Sunny South East of Ireland and Ireland’s oldest city. The city hosts a number of festivals during the year including the ever-popular Spraoi, Harvest Festival and the wonderful Winterval Christmas Festival.

A natural playground for Arts, Golf, Water Sports, Equestrian, Walking, Angling and Cycling enthusiasts, Waterford City and County offer the complete holiday experience.

Waterford City was founded by Viking traders in 914 and it has an exciting medieval flavour and riverside bustle. Waterford Treasures (Three Museums in The Viking Triangle) tell the 1000-year-story of Waterford, ranging from the treasures of Viking Waterford at Reginald’s Tower which is the oldest civic urban building in Ireland; to the story of Georgian Waterford, told at the Bishop’s Palace Museum; and thirdly, to the outstanding and rar treasures to be found in Waterford’s landmark building the Medieval Museum.


Spraoi Festival Waterford

medieval museum

Medieval Museum

Waterford Crystal

Waterford Crystal

Dunmore East

Dunmore East

Copper Coast

Copper Coast

Lismore Castle

Lismore Castle

Waterford Crystal Visitor Centre Waterford City is the home of Waterford Crystal, a lifestyle product of exquisite craftsmanship. A visit to the House of Crystal visitor centre includes an opportunity to choose from the world’s largest selection of Waterford Crystal. The factory tour offers first hand access to all areas of traditional crystal production.

The city has a strong maritime tradition and an estimated 500,000 people enjoyed the colourful spectacle of the 2011 Tall Ships Race and festival of music and culture in the city and along the river Suir Estuary.

County Waterford offers a dazzling 147 kilometres coastline, with 49 beaches, beautiful river valleys, lakes and two dramatic ranges of very accessible mountains.  Dunmore East, Passage East, Portlaw, Ardmore and the towns of Tramore and Dungarvan are just a few of the towns and villages that help to make make County Waterford a spectacular place to visit.

There is also a variety of events and festivals held in the County during the year and you can check out these out by visiting Waterford at Discover Ireland.

The Copper Coast Geopark which runs along the coast from Tramore was declared a European Geopark in 2001 and a UNESCO Global Geopark in 2004. This geologically diverse area contains records of Palaeozoic volcanism and the last ice age.

Beautiful Scenery Houses & Gardens, where grace and beauty can be admired at leisure, are part of a rich heritage which includes Pre-Historic & Historic Sites in towns and villages throughout the county.

The town of Lismore with it’s gothic style Castle built in 1185 by King John and its beautiful gardens spread out over eight acres offers breathtaking views. Lismore was originally a monastic settlement founded in the 7th Century by St. Carthage, a Heritage Town, it was the centre of ecclesiastical and temporal power for centuries.

Throughout Waterford City and County fashion stores and high quality craft centres complete a holiday picture that is sure to delight any visitor.